Outline of the Office

Shanghai Huaxin Law Office obtained its business license from Shanghai Municipal Justice Bureau and commenced its business under the name of Shanghai Huaxin Law Office as a partnership entity in May 1998.

All of attorneys at the office graduated from law faculty of universities in China, and studied the latter course for the Doctor of Law at various graduate schools in Japan. They all have working experience at Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners in Japan for between three to fifteen years.

We have performed various legal practices involving large-scale business transactions between Japan and China for fifteen years under the guidance of Japanese attorneys at Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners, including Messrs. Tadashi Ishikawa, Hiroaki Tsukamoto, Makoto Miyazaki and Shiro Kuniya.

The office was established in 1998 based on know-how that we have learned and acquired through such experience at Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners, and now provides the high-quality legal service concerning investments, transactions, arbitrations and legal actions in China.

Attorneys at the office are capable of practicing both in Japanese and Chinese based on detailed knowledge of legal practices of both Japan and China.

Also, we cope with cases keeping in touch with various organizations, such as juridical and administrative authorities of Japan and China, including Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners.

The above-described services of the office has garnered us trust from many Japanese clients, and we have assisted many Japanese companies in developing their business in China so far. In effect, more than 90 % of our clients are Japanese listed companies.


Scope of Service

Litigation, legal advice, negotiation, preparation of various drafts including contracts, preparation of legal opinions and other relevant services relating to:

General Civil and Commercial Code, International Transaction Law, Corporate Law, Antitrust Law, Intellectual Property Rights Law, Administrative Law, Sino-Foreign Equity Joint Venture Law, Sino-Foreign Cooperative Joint Venture Law, Wholly Foreign-owned Enterprise Law, Liquidation Law, Labor Law, Foreign Exchange Act, Tax Law and Criminal Code.